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Conference of Medical Korea
  • Forum Keynote speeches, forums, and discussions with world-renowned opinion leaders.
  • Seminar Lectures by various international healthcare business experts.

March 23rd(Thu) ~ 24th(Fri), 2023, Auditorium(3F) and Conference Room (North, 2F), COEX
  • March 23rd(Thu), 2023
  • March 24rd(Fri), 2023
Day 1 | March 23rd(Thu), 2023
Opening Ceremony Opening Remarks, Congratulatory Speeches, Global Healthcare Merit Award Ceremony
[Date&Time] March 23rd(Thu), 10:00~11:00 [Venue] Auditorium(3F) [Language] Korean, English Onsite & Online
Keynote Speeches Paradigm Changes and Future Development of the Global Healthcare
[Date&Time] March 23rd(Thu), 11:00~12:00 [Venue] Auditorium(3F) [Language] Korean, English Onsite & Online
From Precision to Predictive: Technology, Innovation, and the Exciting Future of Healthcare Jamie Metzl
Founder and Chair, OneShared.World,
Technology and Healthcare Futurist
Digital Healthcare & Health Equity : Better World with Technology Hwang Hee
CEO, Kakao Healthcare
Forum 1 Trends in Global Healthcare and Cooperation Opportunity
[Date&Time] March 23rd(Thu), 13:30~16:50 [Venue] Auditorium(3F) [Language] Korean, English Onsite & Online
Speech 1. Medical tourism, wellness tourism, health tourism… what comes next? Keith Pollard
Editor in Chief, International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ)
Speech 2. Trends of Global Medical Tourism Industry-Malaysia Mohd Daud Mohd Arif
Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)
Speech 3. TBC Napas Paorohitya
Chief Marketing Officer, Bumrungrad International Hospital
Speech 4. TBC Hiang Khoon Tan
Director, SingHealth Duke-NUS Global Health Institute (SDGHI)
Speech 5. TBC Hao Deming
Executive Vice President, ChineseNon-government Medical Institutions Association
Speech 6. Mega Trend of GlobalHealthcare and Opportunities of Cooperation in wartime and postwar time in Ukraine Dmytro Butov
Professor, Department of Phthisiology and Pulmonology, Kharkiv National Medical University
Speech 7. TBC TBC
Panel Discussion John Alderman Linton(Ihn Yohan)
Director, Medical Industry Team, Yonsei University Health System
Forum 2 Strategies for Developing Medical Korea Academy online training program (MKA e-class)
[Date&Time] March 23rd(Thu), 15:00~17:30 [Venue] Conference Room 202 [Language] Korean, English Onsite & Online
Speech 1. Introduction of online medical training program (MKA e-class) Lee Ah-reum
Researcher, Global Healthcare PR Team, Korea Health Industry Development Institute
Speech 2. Introduction of MKA e-class gastrointestinal surgery courses Kong Seong-ho
Clinical professor, Seoul National University Hospital
Speech 3. Introduction of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care Module Lee Jinsuk
Clinical Associate Professor, Chungbuk National University Hospital
Speech 4. Online Course for Medical ICT Lee Ho-young
CIO and Professor, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Speech 5. An on-line education program for Hospital Management, launched on MKA e-Class platform. Han Whiejong
Research Professor and Chair, Graduate School of Public Health, Yonsei University
Speech 6. Mongolia’s Medical Education System and Impressions of Participating in the MKA e-class Ariunbold Dorjgotov
Endoscopy Doctor, Mongolia Darkhan District General Hospital
Speech 7. Uzbekistan’s Medical Education System and Impressions of Participating in the MKA e-class Mukhammadorif Tursunboev
Duty Nurse, Department of Emergency Medicine 3, Republican Research Center of Emergency Medicine
Panel Discussion Kim Sung Geun
Professor, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea
Seminar 1 Digital Healthcare Future Strategy Forum: Global Expansion of Healthcare Industry through Digital Transition
[Date&Time] March 23rd(Thu), 15:00~17:00 [Venue] Conference Room 203 [Language] Korean Onsite
Speech 1. Digital Transformation in Healthcare industry Park Kyungsoo
Partner, KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp.
Speech 2. Digital healthcare in the large language models era Cha Dongchul
Director, Center for Innovative Medicine, NAVER Healthcare Lab
Speech 3. Global Market Entry Strategies for AI Stethoscope Lee Jungho
CEO, Smartsound Corporation
Speech 4. The case of expanding "K-digital healthcare" in Vietnam with endoscopy AI system Kim Kyungnam
CEO, Waycen
Speech 5. Establishment of Cloud EMR Business Model for the Thai Market DJ(Dong Jin) Chang
CEO, HDJunction
Seminar 2 The Present and Future of Rehabilitation Medicine Cooperation between Korea and Central Asia
[Date&Time] March 23rd(Thu), 15:00~17:25 [Venue] Conference Room 205 [Language] Korean, Russian Onsite
Speech 1. TBC Park Hyungkyu
Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine, Chonnam National University Hospital
Speech 2. State of Medical Rehabilitation in Kazakhstan Galiya Zhanaspayeva
Chief Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Ministry of Health of the Kazakhstan
Speech 3.Comparative analysis of the rehabilitation medicine systems in South Korea and Kazakhstan Amina Seidanova
Head, Korean-Kazakhstan Educational and Research Center for Rehabilitation
Speech 4. TBC Jung Tae-du
Director, International Healthcare Business Center, Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital
Day 2 | March 24rd(Fri), 2023
Forum 3 Next Normal Era, Global Healthcare Restart Strategy
[Date&Time] March 24th (Fri), 10:00~12:30 [Venue] Conference Room 202 [Language] Korean Onsite & Online
Speech 1. Strategies to recover and thrive Medical Tourism in Korea Lee Haeng-shin
Director, Department of Global Healthcare Strategy, Korea Health Industry Development Institute
Speech 2. The Strategies for facilitating Korean Medical Overseas Expansion Bae Joasup
Director, Department of Global Healthcare Business, Korea Health Industry Development Institute
Speech 3. Collaboration Cases and Strategies for Foreign Patients Remote Consultation Services Jeon In-ho
Director, Asan Medical International, Asan Medical Center (AMC)
Speech 4. Opportunities and Challenges for Overseas Healthcare Business Jeong Kyeongmi
Director, General Management Division, Creation & Love Women’s Hospital (CLWH)
Speech 5. Gwangju, an innovative city of sustainable medical tourism, leads the trends of the times Choi Jiyun
Chief, External Cooperation & Public Relations Department, Chosun University Hospital
Speech 6. A case of international medical concierge service for patients with severe disease Kim Do-kyun
Speech 7. Strategy for revitalizing「KAHF」to advance Korea Healthcare status* KAHF : Korean Accreditation program for Hospitals serving Foreign patients An Sueun
Assistant Research Engineer, Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation
Forum 4 Healthcare Innovation in MyData Era: Paradigm Shift in Consumer Sovereignty for Medical Service
[Date&Time] March 24th (Fri), 14:00~16:30 [Venue] Conference Room 202 [Language] Korean Onsite & Online
Speech 1. Healthcare Innovation through Patient-centered My Health Data Kim Ju Han
Professor, College of Medicine, Seoul National University
Speech 2. Experience of developing a PHR based digital healthcare platform Lee Sangho
CEO, KBioHealthcare
Speech 3. Current Issues and Challenges of Healthcare MyData: Stakeholder Perspectives Cha Seonghoon
Specialist, Korea Development Institute (KDI)
Speech 4. Patient-centered medical ecosystem combined with wearable devices and medical data management platforms Lee Uhn
Director, AI Healthcare Platform Institute, Gachon University Gil Medical Center
Speech 5. The Role of Hospitals in the MyData Era Kim Dai-jin
President, The Catholic Information Convergence Institute, The Catholic University of Korea
Debate Moderator: Min Tae-won Team Leader (Medical Journalist), Kukmin Daily
Kim Miyeong Representative, Korean Society of Type 1 Diabetes
Kim Ji-hye Deputy Director, Division of Healthcare Information Policy, Ministry of Health and Welfare
Koo Tae-eon Attorney at Law, law Firm LIN
Seminar 3 Customized Global Innovation! Practice! Healthcare Marketing
[Date&Time] March 24th (Fri), 10:00~12:00 [Venue] Conference Room 203 [Language] Korean Onsite
Speech 1. Considerations in Providing Healthcare for Patients from the Middle East Kim Jisoo
Clinical Professor, International Healthcare Center, Seoul National University Hospital
Speech 2. Case study on attracting Russian CIS patients Kim Sergey
Professor, International Healthcare Center, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Speech 3. Global Healthcare Marketing Strategies for each country (Tertiary Hospital) Sung Suji
Team Leader, Asan Medical International, ASAN Medical Center (AMC)
Speech 4. Marketing Strategy and Performance by Stage of Global Healthcare Development Kang Heunglim
General Manager, HJ Magnolia International Medical Center
Speech 5. Sustainable strategy for global healthcare James Bae
Directorof Business Development, International Programs, University of Chicago Medicine
Seminar 4 Healthcare Overseas Expansion Where a Business Begins
[Date&Time] March 24th (Fri), 10:00~12:00 [Venue] Conference Room 205 [Language] Korean Onsite
Speech 1. TBC Hwang Ted
CEO, Da Seung Global
Speech 2. Medical Overseas Expansion Flow Chart and Feasibility Study Kong Bokyung
Director, Wooduk Accounting Corp.
Speech 3. TBC Kim Sunjoong
Director, Yonsei Bonsarang Hospital
Speech 4. Matters at laws, systems, and contracts that should be noted on overseas expansion of medical services Jeong Hyunseok
Attorney at law, Law Firm DOW
Seminar 5 Regional Scale-up Strategy of Global Healthcare Business
[Date&Time] March 24th (Fri), 15:00~17:00 [Venue] Conference Room 203 [Language] Korean Onsite
Speech 1. Development direction of international medical business of local government for balanced regional development Seo Byungro
Professor, Konkuk University
Speech 2. The role of the central government and local governments in medical overseas expansion Kang Byungil
CEO, Natural Liner Co., Ltd.
Speech 3. Gyeonggi Province’s practice of Global Healthcare Project Implementation Kim Juyoun
Director, Medical Industry Team, Health and Medical Treatment Division, Health Bureau, Gyeonggi-do
Speech 4. Busan’s global healthcare promotion strategyand practices Jo Miroung
Director, Medical Tourism Industry Team, Busan Metropolitan City
Speech 5. TBC TBC
Director, Health and Medical Policy
Division, Incheon Metropolitan City
Panel Discussion Shin Sangho
Director, Krismas Plastic Surgery Clinic
Seminar 6 Currentstatus and future prospects of the cooperation and development of thetraditional medicine herb industry of Korea-Central Asia
[Date&Time] March 24th (Fri), 14:00~16:00 [Venue] Conference Room 205 [Language] Korean, Russian Onsite
Speech 1. Proposal for Cooperative Project for Development of Traditional Pharmaceutical Industry in Korea-Central Asia Baik Yousang
Director, Planning & Cooperation Office, National Institute for Korean Medicine Development
Speech 2. TBC Khamidov Maruf Gadoevich
Vice President, Tajikistan National Medical Center Education Institute
Speech 3. Stages and prospects for the development of national medicine based on the use of natural resources of Turkmenistan Maysa Gurbangulyyeva
Head, of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, International Center of Neurology under the Directorate of the International Medical Centers
Speech 4. Regulatory and legal foundations of traditional medicine in the Republic of Uzbekistan Jamshid Mirrakhimov
Director, Republican Scientific-Practical Center of Folk Medicine
Panel Discussion Han Chae
Professor, School of Korean Medicine, Pusan National University